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Ngurah Agus Sanjaya ER is an Assistant Professor in Informatics Department at Udayana University. His research mainly focuses on automatic extraction of information from semi or unstructured data.

He finished his PhD from Télécom Paristech, Paris – France, in which he defended his Doctorate thesis entitled “Advanced Information Extraction by Example” under the supervision of Prof. Talel Abdessalem (Télécom Paristech, France) and Associate Professor Stéphane Bressan (National University of Singapore, Singapore).

He addresses in this thesis an alternative method of searching for information, i.e. by giving examples of the information in question. He first tries to improve the accuracy of the search by example systems by expanding the given examples syntactically. Later, he uses truth discovery paradigm to rank the returned query results. Finally, he investigates the possibility of expanding the examples semantically through labelling each group of elements of the examples.

He currently continues his work on text mining focusing on preserving Balinese language through machine learning. He has published a few articles on stemming for Balinese language. With his students he is now developing Named-Entity-Recognition (person, location, time marker) as well as Part-of-Speech (POS) tagger for Balinese language.

His research interests also include (but not limited to) the following:

  • truth discovery,
  • natural language processing,
  • data mining and big data.

For a list of my current research project, please visit my personal page at udayananetworking.unud.ac.id.